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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning, Safely

We’re all used to sprucing up our homes when the warm weather comes, however most of us probably don’t think about safety when we pull out the brooms and buckets and mops. However, when deep cleaning, there are many materials that can cause bodily harm or pose household threats and it’s good to be aware […]

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spring safety

Seasonal Safety Tips

The changing of the seasons is a beautiful time: warm rains, silent snowfalls, bright sunshine. But as spring turns into summer, summer info fall, and fall into winter, there are often severe weather changes as well, and this means prepping your home for what may come. Spring The bitter cold of winter is fading and […]

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kitchen safety

Make Your Kitchen Safer

Kitchens always seem to be the one place in a home that gather the most people. During holidays, parties, or just having a few friends over, everyone seems to gravitate toward the kitchen. And why wouldn’t they? It’s where the food and drinks are stored! But any place that’s going to have a group of […]

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baby proofing your home

Getting Your Home Ready for Baby

The anticipation of welcoming a new member into your family is one of the most exciting times of your life. There’s so much to do to prepare that, often times, we can forget important measures to take when it comes to getting ready. However, one thing you must remember is to baby-proof your house before […]

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