Reliable Home Safety Tips

A general guide to keeping you and your home safe

spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning, Safely

We’re all used to sprucing up our homes when the warm weather comes, however most of us probably don’t think about safety when we pull out the brooms and buckets and mops. However, when deep cleaning, there are many materials that can cause bodily harm or pose household threats and it’s good to be aware as you get down and dirty. Here are some useful home safety tips to keep in mind while you clean!

When it comes to cleaning, it’s actually more necessary than just being tidy. Many of your household appliances and fixtures require regular upkeep and without it, they can become dangerous to you and your family. For example, fireplaces need to be cleaned every few months, as they begin to build up residue that contains dangerous toxins. Without proper care, you can produce excess carbon monoxide, which is deadly in large amounts. To reduce build-up and protect your home, always clean your fireplace and chimney flute every few months, at the very least during your spring cleaning activities.

fireplace cleaning safety

Beyond fireplaces, appliances like stoves and ovens need cleaning, too. Anything that produces fire and creates residue will foster build-up, which can contain many harmful toxins and chemicals. When you continue to use them without proper care, this can lead to higher levels of Carbon Monoxide. Additionally, be careful when using things like oven cleaners and aerosols that contain harsh chemicals. Without effective ventilation, you can inhale dangerous fumes and gases that can lead to respiratory complications. It’s always smart to have windows open and fans blowing while cleaning to ensure the air is being filtered out of your direct area.

Chemical cleaners are something to be especially cognizant of when using. Many contain harmful byproducts and the fumes alone can be hazardous to your health. Always spray an arm’s distance from your face and keep all cleaners away from easy-to-reach places, preventing children or pets from getting into harmful situations. Additionally, remember many cleaning products are flammable and should never be stored or placed near an open flame or appliance that generates significant heat.

While most dirt and grime that accumulates throughout the home is something you can take care of on your own, there are instances when it’s safer and advisable to call in the professionals. When it comes to molds and mildews, it’s never a good idea to 1) ignore the problem or 2) deal with large mold infestations yourself. If you have a few small patches of mold, bleach is a moderately effective way to eliminate these growths, however, if you have large areas covered it’s best not get help.

check for insect infestations

Molds and mildews can be horrible for your health, especially black mold, which can actually be deadly. Breathing in the fungus that lives on mold can cause serious respiratory health problems, so if you need to get rid of it, make sure to always wear a mask or simply pick up the phone and let the professionals handle the problem. This goes for infestations, as well. You may find while deep cleaning that unwanted insects or other creatures have found a home in yours, however, sometimes it’s better to ask for help than try to bug bomb or eradicate the problem on your own. Many of the products used are dangerous to small children and pets, which makes them hazardous, and if your issue is big enough, they won’t completely take care of it.

Spring cleaning is something everyone should participate in, but don’t wait an entire season to clear things up. Always check your appliances, electronics, and fireplaces regularly to ensure the best safety for you and your family, no matter what time of year. And do be afraid to ask help of a professional; some tasks are just too big for one person to tackle.