Reliable Home Safety Tips

A general guide to keeping you and your home safe

spring safety

Seasonal Safety Tips

The changing of the seasons is a beautiful time: warm rains, silent snowfalls, bright sunshine. But as spring turns into summer, summer info fall, and fall into winter, there are often severe weather changes as well, and this means prepping your home for what may come.


The bitter cold of winter is fading and the spring-time rains are coming, which means the likelihood for flooding increases. Some homes are located on hills or have draining systems, which help prevent water from building up, however not all have these luxuries. If yours is one that is prone to flooding, there are some things you can do to at least help detect water before it gets too bad. You can install flood monitoring systems in your basement that will alert you whenever waters begin to infiltrate your home, and when they reach destructive levels. These monitoring systems can be synced with your security system and you can control them from your mobile device or tablet with certain apps, depending on how high-tech you want to get.

Sump pumps are also a great way to detect a rise in water. If you notice that your sump pump is running constantly or if your backup sump pump engages, you may be able to get a jump on preventing an interior disaster. Be sure to monitor your sump pumps and test any backup batteries monthly.

Spring also brings the time for deep cleaning. Winter is over, we get that urge to purge and get our homes back to tip top shape, which means bringing out the cleaners and getting to work. While this a great, it’s smart to use caution when deep cleaning your home. Many appliances have built up residues with harmful chemicals and when burning them down, like with your oven, or soaking them with strong cleaner, you’re emitting an array of gases, vapors, and toxins that are bad for your health. Ventilate the area properly and always cover your mouth and nose with protective gear when using intense cleaning products.

summer safety


Finally, you can leave your windows open and enjoy the warm sun, but as pleasant as summer can be, it’s important to make sure you’re protecting your home while enjoying the weather. Don’t leave windows open at night or when you’re not home. Intruders see this as easy access to your property. However, we all forget sometimes, so make sure your security system is working properly. A proper security system will alert you when a window is open before you arm the system and also alert you the moment someone or something enters your home or attempts to break in.

Summer also brings severe temperatures, which can be irritating. To ensure your home is kept at a cool temperature when heat waves strike, you can install home automation systems, like Nest, to manage your home’s internal temperature. This way, even when you’re not home, you can keep track of how much energy you’re using and even get your home to comfortable setting before you come back. It’s also helpful to manage in case you have pets at home.

fall safety


Autumn is a docile month. The temperatures even out, and we have a little time before winter comes blustering in, so enjoy! Make sure you keep your home security systems activated and working correctly so you and your family are safe from intruders. Fall is also the perfect time to pay attention to your home’s gutters. Falling leaves like to clog up gutters which, when winter comes, can create ice dams and cause your gutters to become unsecured.



The coldest season can be beautiful, but it can also be difficult. When temperatures drop drastically below freezing, always keep your sinks and bathtubs dripping to help prevent your pipes from freezing, which can lead to them bursting, costing you a lot of money to fix. Using temperature monitoring systems is also helpful during this season so that your home never gets dangerously cold.

A few other simple measures to take are keeping salt on hand to spread over ice, boiling hot water can help thaw frozen pipes, and installing thicker, insulated windows can help keep drafts at bay and save you money on your energy bill.