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baby proofing your home

Getting Your Home Ready for Baby

The anticipation of welcoming a new member into your family is one of the most exciting times of your life. There’s so much to do to prepare that, often times, we can forget important measures to take when it comes to getting ready. However, one thing you must remember is to baby-proof your house before your bundle of joy comes home.

Baby-proofing is a more extensive process than you may imagine. You need to go through every room, every nook and cranny, every corner to make sure there aren’t hidden dangers—and there are more than you may think.

First things first: always cover sharp corners and edges of furniture. Toddlers and babies are at risk for hurting themselves on an array of objects, so it’s important to cover anything that is at or below their height level and poses harm. Most stores sell baby-proofing tabs and covers and these are relatively inexpensive. You should also make sure to secure your staircases and doors. No, your newborn baby isn’t going to be running down the stairs or opening and closing doors anytime too soon, however, you want to be ready for when they crawl, shimmy, and start developing their exploring and motor skills. It’s always better to prepare earlier on than feel unprepared later.

child safety around cleaning products

These things are common sense when it comes to baby proofing. Of course you don’t want them to fall or hit their heads and remedying these dangers is pretty simple, however, there are many other household harms we don’t even think about for ourselves that can pose a threat to babies and small children. For example, household cleaners are a huge threat to babies and kids, and something we often don’t think about. Some bottles are baby-proof already or are difficult to open, however many are sprays and jars, which can be easy for small, growing hands to get ahold of and open. Ingestion of these poisons can be deadly, and because babies are so small, the negative effects happen at a more rapid pace. To avoid any accidents, put all your cleaners in a high place and secure them with a lock or safety system. Always buy cleaners that have difficult caps or push locks so that even if a child gets a hold of one, they will have trouble opening it.

Beyond placing your cleaners in safe places, be aware of your baby while using them. Many stronger solutions, like oven cleaners, emit strong fumes and vapors, which may harm not only your baby, but also yourself. Be careful when using them; always wear something over your face and never keep your child anywhere near the room where you are cleaning. Additionally, make sure to take the time to air out the room you’ve been cleaning for at least a couple of hours after.

While cleaners can be dangerous, not using them or not cleaning can be even more so. When we neglect fireplaces, stoves, and ovens, residue builds up that contains harmful chemicals. Continuous use of dirty appliances can produce higher levels of carbon monoxide, which is harmful to everyone in the home. Make sure to not forget about these things as part of baby-proofing your home.

cleaning up mold or mildew

It’s also smart to always keep up on dusting and cleaning around the walls and floors of your home. We all like tidy spaces, however, molds and mildews are sneaky and can build up quickly. If your baby is crawling near an outbreak area, inhaling these growths can be dangerous for their respiratory system.

Baby-proofing isn’t an exact science. There are always new things that can occur that may pose harm to you and your family, however being aware of common threats and the ways to combat them is a great start to protecting your growing family.